Basking within the sun poisoning cold winter is absolute cloud nine and are some things that everybody appearance forward to. However, whereas this may do abundant to spice up your ‘feel-good’ issue, staying call at the sun for prolonged periods of your time will cause many harmful aspect effects- each, short term furthermore as future.

What are the Harmful Effects of Sun Poisoning?

Frequent overexposure to the sun will cause your skin to become dry and may cause premature wrinkles furthermore as freckles and scars. additionally, the glare of the sun also can increase the probability of obtaining cataract or degeneration, which may cause vision defect. Sun poisoning also can increase your probability of developing carcinoma many years down the road.

The best thanks to forestalling all of those adverse effects is to avoid prolonged overexposure to the sun.

Protective Measures Against Sun Poisoning

Protecting yourself against sun poisoning isn’t troublesome. 2 terribly straightforward however terribly effective measures involve limiting some time within the sun and protect yourself adequately.

The ultraviolet radiation rays of the sun are strongest and can do the foremost harm around mid-day from ten am to four pm. Avoiding going outdoors throughout this point will limit the sun’s harm.

If staying inside is inevitable and you’ve got to travel out, you’ll be able to still minimize the harmful effects of the ultraviolet radiation rays by going out adequately protected. this suggests carrying a hat and a try of excellent eyeglasses to safeguard the pinnacle space.

a protracted sleeve shirt and pants can keep your arms and legs protected and cream lotion with a high SPF applied over your face and hands, can keep the exposed areas of the skin well protected.

whereas SPF fifteen is effective enough for those that are darkly abraded if you’re light-weight abraded you’ll want a better SPF.

Keep in mind that ultraviolet radiation rays will labor under clouds and water too, therefore, you’ll be able to get sunburn or sun poisoning, that may be an additional severe condition, even on cloudy days and even once you are within the water.

Sun Poisoning Symptoms

Mild sunburn symptoms embody skin that’s flushed, red and painful to the bit. typically this can be often in the course of dehydration, headache, and symptom and once some days, your skin might blister and begin peeling.

Sun poisoning symptoms are additional severe and may embody dehydration and symptom in the course of high fever, fast pulse, nausea, shock, and severe soreness or blisters. Staying call at the new sun too long also can cause heat stroke, that may be a severe style of physiological condition. this could be thought of AN emergency and needs immediate medical attention.


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