How to freeze dry food

How would you wish to compile your emergency or survival food supply cache which will last for over thirty years? Safe for you to eat for years to come?

As a new bonus, you’ll store this in your home at temperature. It takes less area than the initial food you begin with and weighs next to nada. So, you’ll imagine a lot of|what proportion|what quantity} you’ll store during a tiny space! the price is smallest and it does not even take much time to urge it done.

How awe-inspiring is that?

No special future storage instrumentation, therefore special freezers or refrigeration or something like that.

Here’s excellent news for you. This technology is obtainable for the commoner or lady. you’ll shield your family by stocking up your survival victuals while not having to pay associate degree arm or a leg. you may be astonished at however straightforward this method is for everyone!

The technical terms, if square measure interested are drying up or cryodesiccation – however, you do not get to understand these words – knowing the term freeze dried foods is enough!

Determining the way to freeze dry food while not high-ticket gear

The ability to freeze dry food to preserve it had been 1st unreal throughout war II. it had been wont to get foodstuffs to the front lines throughout the war in order that the troopers may eat nice, nutritionary foods. before exploitation freeze-drying, the foods shipped to the troopers would spoil while not refrigeration on its thanks to them. Freeze drying resolved this vast drawback. It did not take long for the general public to check the worth during this process!

The process includes many steps:

First: Flash freeze the foodstuffs. this can be done by cooling the merchandise in no time at very low temperatures. This keeps the ice from changing into crystals and damaging the cells of the food.

Second: The wet is aloof from the food by exploitation sublimation (changing it from solid ice to vapor) – typically with the use of a chamber.

Third: currently that the wet is removed, the food is fast into moisture- and air-proof luggage and keep away.

All you wish to try and do to organize the food to eat is to feature boiling water – this rehydrates the food to its original state. Yum for you once you area unit on the run with survival gear throughout a disaster or emergency!

Their area unit many sensible queries you must cause to yourself before you start:

How quickly are you able to develop your somebody acumen?

And how valuable is your survival kit? whether or not you’re bivouacking or packing thanks to a natural disaster or crisis, you want to be ready for survival.

At Home Freeze Drying – the way to freeze dry food

Vacuum Chamber

Using a chamber, you’ll freeze dry your own food product reception. when you’ve got frozen your food – place it during a chamber with a pump level below 133 X 10-3. this may cause the sublimation method to occur quickly and you’ll prepare a lot of food in less time. once the food is absolutely changing, it’s prepared for you to a position in your storage cache.

With solid

You can use solidly to organize your freeze-dried foods. enclosure your food in solid (CO2 during a solid state) will produce a close to zero humidness atmosphere and perform the method by expeditiously drawing out the wet.

You will want instrumentation that is double the dimensions of the food you may be freeze drying. employing lockable plastic instrumentation could be a common selection. Punch some of the holes within the lid that the gasses will escape.

Place the solid and food during a 1:1 quantitative relation within the instrumentation. A layer of solid, a layer of food, another layer of solid is that the optimum thanks to placing it within the instrumentation. currently, place the instrumentation into your deep freezer so as to stay the solid as long as you’ll.

Check your instrumentation each twenty-four hours just about till you see that the solid is not any longer. At this time, your food ought to be utterly freeze-dried and prepared for future storage. As declared before, place it into a moisture-proof and air-proof instrumentation to preserve in your survival cache.


You can freeze dry exploitation your own deep freezer rather than a chamber, however, it takes a bit longer. First, cut the food into tiny items and so lay them out on a perforated receptacle within your deep freezer. during a few hours, the food is going to be frozen through and thru.

it’ll take a few weeks for the total method of sublimation to happen (getting all the wet out of the food). to check the food, take away a bit from the deep freezer and permit it to thaw – if it turns black, it’s not nevertheless absolutely change.

If it does not flip black, you’re prepared for putting it into air-proof, moisture-proof luggage and storing it away. (Using a vacuum sealer – just like the Food Saver whole – is that the sole thanks to taking care that your food is protected.)

Machine Dryers

Of course, there area unit machine dryers for home use – but, they’re considerably dearer than the procedures mentioned on top of to dehydrate the things you wish to store.
Storing the food

It is extremely suggested that you just use a vacuum sealer like Food Saver to guard your cache. though some people are successful exploitation nada lock luggage, it’s therefore laborious to actually get all of the air out. For the simplest protection, getting one in all these vacuum sealers can assist you to keep up the worth of your keep foods. you’ll complete your survival kit by learning the way to freeze dry foods.

What is often freeze dried?

Fruits and vegetables area unit the best and best for you to organize the reception. keep in mind that solely the water sublimates (is removed) therefore acids and chemicals inherent in foodstuffs can stay. often, take a look at the things in your stash to verify its viability and quality.


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