When birth control pills, additionally referred to as oral contraceptives, were initially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over forty-five years past, high-dosage pills not to mention typically severe side-effects were commonplace. Today, however, low-dosage pills with few adverse health effects square measure the norm. That said, the potential for serious facet effects exists any time secretion medical aid is employed to control the genital system.

In clinical trials, common contraception pill facet effects included:

  • acne – though inbound cases, birth control pills will facilitate scale back disease of the
  • skin further
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • tenderness or enlarging of the breasts
  • bloating
  • severe headaches
  • a decrease in drive

Interestingly enough, weight loss was found to not be a standard facet impact of birth control pills despite widespread belief to the contrary.

Other facet effects, whereas occurring terribly occasionally, square measure probably quite serious and may be monitored for. They include:

Birth Control Pills

  • depression
  • migraine headaches
  • lumps on the breasts
  • heavy injury
  • high pressure (hypertension)
  • high cholesterin
  • blood clots
  • chest pains
  • liver harm
  • allergic reactions

Many of those additional severe facet effects square measure principally the results of your body’s inability to deal with the steroid hormone steroid sex hormone. If that’s the case, shift to a progestin-only pill, additionally referred to as the “mini-pill,” can be an answer. Progestin-only pills, if used properly, tend to be equally as effective as combined estrogen/progestin pills.

If you expertise any of the higher than serious symptoms or suppose you’ll be at risk of them, consult your doctor before taking any type of secretion contraception. within the in the meantime, you’ll be able to use non-hormonal barrier choices like condoms combined with a diaphragm and preventative lotion.

whereas maybe just about as effective as hormone-based oral contraceptives, barrier forms like condoms have the positive advantage of additionally protective against sexually transmitted diseases.

Finally, there are also times once a precise contraception methodology simply

“doesn’t feel right.”

If that’s the case, take care to consult your doctor. whereas it should not be a medical side-effect, per se, there is also another connected drawback your doctor will facilitate diagnose and treat.


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